SHSC-2023 webinar series

A whole-institutional strategy to greening every area is needed to address climate change education for social transformation.

The IEEE TAB Climate Change Program

IEEE TAB Climate Change Program, This was introduced as a global initiative to Coordinate IEEE’s Response to Climate Change is chartered to develop a cross-IEEE strategy to synchronize and guide IEEE’s response to changes in the Global Climate. As the world’s largest organization of technical professionals, IEEE has both the opportunity and the responsibility to assist in organizing the response of engineers, scientists, and technical professionals to address the causes, mitigate the impact, and adapt to climate change. The team exhorts members and the larger audience to concentrate on the action areas related to sustainability, concentrating on climate actions for mitigating global warming, carbon footprints and their impact on the nature and its resources.


SHSC - 2023

Webinar Series on Save the Humanity: Sustain the Climate

It is an event under the IEEE TAB Climate Change adhoc committee organized by the Education Task Group. The purpose is. to deliver strong, coordinated, and comprehensive action to advance and improve the implementation of climate change education in order to speed up urgent action on climate sustainability. Some of the topics discussed will be energy-efficient strategies focused on combating global warming, renewable resources and technology for climate change related actions.

SHSC - 2023

Organizing Committee

SHSC - 2023

Webinar Series

SHSC Webinar series brings forth awareness on climate change, climate emergency and climate actions. To raise awareness on climate emergency – bring a change to our society, create a global impact, the webinar series is planned for every fortnight, starting from the first week of June 2023 at 9.30 AM ET. The speakers will be invited to present for 40 minutes along with the Q&A for 15 minutes. The whole session will run for one hour. The mode will be virtual and the participants will be given a registration link to join.