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Victor Grimblatt

Climate Change Impact on Agriculture and Agriculture Impact on Climate Change: How Electronics can Help to Mitigate (22nd June, 2023 - 9.30 AM ET)

The world is going into a disaster if no actions are taken soon to stop the global warming and the corresponding climate change and its consequences on
the Earth and the Humankind. Agribusiness is responsible for almost a third of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), one of the sectors that is
contributing the most to the global warming.
On the other hand, agribusiness is one of the most affected sectors by climate change. The impact of climate change can be seen on crops, livestock, and
fisheries. Technology should play an important and essential role as it provides ways to measure and analyze data that will show GHG emissions for
example and can also help defining actions to be taken and, in some cases, automating the actions.
In this talk we analyze the impact of climate change in agribusiness and we also analyze the different ways agribusiness is affecting climate change. We
also look at the technologies that could help to mitigate the change and ensuring food security for all world’s population.